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09-28-2006, 12:43 AM
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I haven't played hockey in over ten years.
I haven't skated in probably almost that long.
I know next to nothing compared to many people on HF.

It sounds bizarre, but I'll say it: I love hockey with all my heart, but I'd rather be absorbed in it than play it myself.

Van, when it gets to the point where anything hockey related is no longer fun or worthwhile and you can't see it getting much better, you have to take a step back. I'm about your age (a bit older), and had to make what I called at the time a "phase change" (cut me some slack, I'm a long-time chemistry nerd) in my life; a complete switch of future goals.

I may be biased seeing as I grew up entirely without the game of hockey and had to discover it myself, but for most people, there is life without hockey, if it comes to that.

Life without HF, however, is a different story for yours truly. As you can see by my unfathomably high posting rate, I personally have no life beyond my university status and HF. You have NO idea how well it works as a pickup line..."Hey baby, my HF POSTING RATE IS HUUUUUUUUUGGGEEEE..." The ladies flock to me like Keith Tkachuk to a Chinese Buffet, man.

Good luck, Van.

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