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09-28-2006, 10:22 AM
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I'll say this much, Price impressed the heck out of me and not because of the scores or any individual saves but because of the way he plays the physical game. When he stands ready to make a save, {or in fact even when his own Dmen have the puck} he completely covers the bottom of the net, from goalpost to goalpost. This is something most goalies are incapable of doing, Price's height works to his advantage here.

He has incredibly quick feet, he challenges shooters aggressively, but is fast enough to get back into position after the play. Also has a huge glove hand that is pure reflexes. His play seemed to have a mixture of confidence, but also nervousness, which is understandable given his lack of experiance and his young age. But these are things that will sort themselves out in time. Playing in the WJC will go a long way towards providing him with that experiance and boosting his self confidence.

There's no way to predict how he will develop over time, but he's definately on the right track. So far, and it is indeed early days yet, but so far, it looks like a great pick up for us. He could very well end up a future superstar for our team. With Price, Brule or any other kid of that age, all you can go for is a chance.

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