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09-28-2006, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by SEEKACUP View Post
Whoa Nelly.....He did not win with the Wings and was let go because he was unable to motivate them enough. Last night with basicly our "real" team we were Outhit, Outhustled, and although we had more talent on the ice......It sure did not look that way cause they were outplayed.

Rags passed better and crisper, and if itwas not for Thomas the game could have been 4-5- nothing. Lunqvuist hardly broke a sweat and only had two tough saves.......Believe me.....Lewis is Far from an EXCELLENT coach. I believe the jury is out on weather he is even a good one.....
He was Bowman's assistant for all three of their cups. Don't think he didn't have a hand in that. It's been said plenty of times, he was good cop to Bowman's bad cop. It's hard to turn around and start playing bad cop with the guys after years of playing the good guy. The Wings lost with Babcock too. Their recent failures in the post season have more to do with an aging line up and weak goaltending then with coaching.

I don't blame coaches for lack of hustle. Their job is to prepare the players and put them in positions to succeed. It's up to the players to go out and play hard. I think you are way under estimating the Rangers and most of all Lundqvist.

Lewis's two years in Detroit the Wings finished 48-20-10 in 02/03 and 48-21-11 in 03/04. Both years losing to the team that went all the way to the finals. Both teams were riding insanely hot goaltenders (giggy & kipper).

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