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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
I agree with much of your take on Yandle...not sure what people around here are smoking. I have Center Ice and have seen my fair share of Yotes games. People assume he has no defensive game, but that's not's not the more physical, in your face, shut-down D that you usually get with guys considered to be the top defenders in the league, but it's not like the guy is a liability out there...people bring up Carle...I think the comparison could be valid for his defensive game. Both players employ positioning and a good stick to defend, with little overt physicality.

The big difference is Yandle is much better offensively in terms of his skating, hockey IQ and puck skills. His passes are better, his shot is much better, his point play is much better. Another important distinction that I think some overlook is that, despite having a rep as "a puck moving d man", Carle hardly ever advanced the puck up the ice by actually skating it out. Carle (despite the once in a while stretch pass), favored the d to d or other short pass to a forward that would then carry through the neutral zone...if the team was then able to set up in the zone Carle joined the play and collected the points making fairly basic plays.

Yandle is a much more dynamic puck mover. Sure, he can pass better than Carle but the critical dictinction is he can also skate the puck out of the zone to lead the transition game and push the play, which puts the opposition on their heels, opens up lanes and helps the team move up and attack as a unit. This ability to "carry the mail" is what makes Yandle him so effective in obtaining the offensive zone. Carle rarely even skated the puck out of his own zone. Some "puck mover". Yzerman found out the hard way. Another thing while I'm on the topic...people point to turnovers by Yandle and Doughty and Karlsson and try to draw a comparison to Carle, but from what I've seen, the majority of Carle's turnovers are made from the defensive zone (where they are more dangerous) while a good measure of those other players' turnovers occur outside of their own zone, as a by product of their carrying the puck and trying to make plays up the ice...there's a difference.

Pair Yandle with a partner who can play sound, physical D and make some basic plays (Grossmann, possibly Coburn, or even Schenn) and I don't think the pairing you have to have a particular worry about defensively.

I also want to say I wouldn't view Yandle as the sole solution. He's not Chris Pronger (not many are). With Timonen being done soon and the likelihood of lingering injury issues amongst Meszaros, Grossmann (maybe Coburn), it's likely that another top 4 (on top of a Yandle or whoever) will be needed at some point in the not too distant future.

I said it before, I would absolutely trade Couturier (or Schenn) for Yandle straight up...I'd maybe even add a sweetener, like a 3rd rd pick or a Gostisbehere or something...any more than that...mmmm they might have to throw another bone in too.
It would cost more than Couturier or Schenn and a 3rd or Gost for Yandle. That's why no one wants him.

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