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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
Frankie you can insult me all you want saying i do not know what i am talking about, you do not know me and what i do, whether someone is a scout or GM or player or what ever does not mean they do not know hockey...actually the scouting is my job, not all scouts get paid just 1000 or 2000 a year, some on the team get paid paid eh, i also do work for many sites, magazines including Hockey News, I have been working with news papers across canada for scouting purposes, i have and am in talks about moving up to the NHL....and not all people get a job by knowing someone, some of us had to fight scratch and claw our way to where we get and we are proud of can go on like a ranting idiot who acts like he knows all but then in the same sentence is asking questions and does not understand a thing we all know it is just for the fight on here you look for because one thing you are not on here is put down the agent business saying their business plan would not fly in front of dragons den, well that is nice but just because it might not be for kevin or anything on the show does not mean the people doing that business are not having success, it is not a business for everyone but that is the business plan for agents like it or not, you must have questions about the stock market then with investing money in hopes you have a gain BUT there is a chance of a big loss too it is the same thing have to invest in a kid for the big return if you can not understand that then we are not sure how else to explain it, not like agents go after any kid they are all going after the top guys in the league .....if you have so many friends in the business of hockey why do you not ask them these questions rather than come on a post board and go on like someone angry on here and ruin a good post.

you also make things with the getting a player saying he is going NCAA sound so easy, which is easy to do when you know nothing about the actual machanics of everything....not sure how you think it is easy to draft a guy high saying he is going NCAA and if he does not come then just trade him for a good return, everyone wishes it was that easy, not always easy to just move a player some teams would not want to touch him, you have to find the right buyer then if the player says to those teams he is going NCAA unless quebec gets him then you have to try to work something out with quebec with them knowing they are the only team and you get low balled or he decided im just going NCAA, you do not always get a return, but you being super GM in the making would know that i guess, your able to pull off deals great GMs can not because you have friends lol and also anger i guess....sorry your son never got drafted nor had good advice because sounds like you failed to get him an advisor LOL.....ill stick to doing my job with the team and proving my worth by building a champion team rather than pretend i know the business and sit in a chair and put down people and the way things are run LOL.
BAZINGA! Well put Mr Scoutman.

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