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Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
Less AAV does not equal less MONEY. He didn't take less money, he took more. There is no spinning things.

The Avs offered him a little more AAV, but he prefered the insurance of a longer deal, even if that meant less AVV. 7.5M is not more than 13M.
Continue ignoring what I said, which was over 2 years, the Avs' offer would have been worth more. Let's look at the first 2 years of his Sens contract vs the 2 years he would have been paid with the Avalanche.

3.75 per year

2.75 year 1
3.00 year 2

That looks like more to me.

Or let's use the AAV, the Avs still come out on top.

The bottom line, was that the Avs offered MORE MONEY on a shorter term deal, and AAV has to be considered since that's an important part of contract offers, and the Avs offered more in that regard as well.

Did the Avs only offer 2 years? Yes, did Anderson negotiate off of the original offer? If his people did we sure as hell never heard it, unlike what we heard from the O'Reilly negotiations this past summer (not just TPS, but people like McKenzie and Dreger were talking about it as well).

The original post never mentioned length, which you keep bringing up, and I am not denying that he's making more money, but he's getting that extra money for 2 more years of service. He could have made his money here by not playing like he didn't give a damn about the team, and then forced the Avs to pay him more or made even more money as a UFA.

Instead, he gets his offer, as far as we know never makes a counter, or if he did and was told that that was as high as the Avs would go at that time, then he should have played to his full capabilities, because it's quite obvious that he didn't because in the 33 games he played for the Avalanche in the 2010-11 season he amassed the following stats

33 GP, 3.28 GAA, .897 SV%

He gave the Avalanche NO CHOICE but to trade him because of his craptastic play. He didn't earn a long-term contract just based off of one good year. I can't believe that people here on this board have absolutely forgotten about how terrible he was in that last year for the Avalanche.


I should try to clarify this. I'm not trying to come off as "attacking" you or anything iceberg, but it is clear that we are on different sides of the Anderson thing, we'll probably have to chalk this up to an "Agree to Disagree" situation, no hard feelings, and move on


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