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05-13-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ahthorne View Post
I'm from the West Coast so I see a lot of the western teams, seen a lot of Yandle and been a fan of him since his first few seasons. Seen him live against the Canucks a few times, both of which Yandle was the best player on the ice.

Carle vs. Yandle is comparable only in style. Difference is Yandle is better at everything on offense, most noticeably his shot. Yandle will be getting 200 shots a year, give or take a few shots here or there. Dave Tippett is a guy who loves his matchups and loves the strategic play instead of just rolling the lines and defensive pairings, so of course their best offensive player (Yandle) is going to be used much like the Sedins are used in Vancouver - pure offense. Especially when they have a stacked defense with one of the best two-way guys in the league OEL and sturdy-ish defensive players like Klesla, Michalek, Morris, etc. On a team that needed scoring badly, it's no wonder they gave Yandle so much offensive zone time. They relied on him to score while the best forwards on the team were Radim Vrbata, Shane Doan and Mikael Boedker compared to what he would have to work with on Philly in Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek.

Some stats from 5v5: in 2011-12 Yandle had a 55% offensive zone start time but faced more a middle of the pack quality of competition. This could be attributed to the more limited presence that OEL had last season. Yandle in both seasons has maintained a positive Corsi. In 2010-11 Yandle only had a 51% offensive zone start time with even tougher quality of competition yet still had a positive Corsi - only Yandle, OEL, Schlemko and Roszival had positive Corsi's throughout that season. Morris, Yandle's partner throughout most of his tenure in Phoenix, has always had a negative Corsi.

If anything, Yandle's minutes, matchups and usage can be attributed to the arrival of OEL. OEL will likely be a top-10 defender in the league at both ends of the ice within the near future. Furthermore, that might be a good reason why Phoenix might move Yandl, however he is their best offensive player by far since Ray Whitney left. For a team needing offense, you'd think they would keep him.

For the cost it would acquire him, I definitely agree that they should look elsewhere. I'm not disagreeing that Yandle has his flaws 'cause he does, but he's clearly being underrated on this board.

Fair enough. Like I said, have watched him for 3-4 years now (stupid roommate not letting me watch CLB when Flyers werent on ) but I do have a different option. I agree with his offensive ability. EASILY better than Carle's and Im not disagreeing with that. What Im comparing to Carle his both his defensive play, turnovers (which I remember a decent amount of times being in the defensive zone). You gotta be careful with Yandle's advanced stats though. While they are nice, Phoenix plays a heavy choking system that does allow shots but the quality of shots are very low. For a goalie like Smith they allow him to make fairly easy saves. These are directly represented. Also what is important is Tippet making sure Yandle gets fairly easy competition. He had the 2nd easiest opponents behind Biss. Now you can't say OEL is the result of Yandle getting easy minutes. All the other defenders on the team are getting harder minutes. This is including 3rd pairing players. That is pretty significant when you consider him a top 4 defender. Now if you bring in Yandle you can not expect him to take over Timonen or be close to it. He would be on the level of Coburn, Grossmann and Schenn in terms of 2-4 defenders. Would I get him. I would depending on the price. Its the price I am afraid of though. I can see them asking for a #1 defender worthy trade for a player, I dont consider a #1 defender.

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