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05-13-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by I Hate Chris Butler View Post
Well aren't you the best fan in the world.

People watch games because they enjoy them. You just said it. Watching your team lose 5-0 in an elimination game isn't enjoyable. As the other poster said, beating the traffic is worth leaving early.
I'm certainly not claiming to be some sort of superior fan to you; I just honestly don't see the motivation to leave a game you willingly paid to attend to see your favourite players (in most cases) play the sport you love. I'd stick around an elimination game every time. It's interesting in my opinion to stick around and see the handshake line, final moments, etc. I'm curious why saving maybe 10-15 minutes in the parking lot is worth losing the value of seeing NHL hockey in any capacity.

Originally Posted by longchange View Post
Even if they've stopped trying? Because then you're telling me that, even if your team is losing and phoning it in, you're fine with watching sitting around watching them not care anymore...which means you're basically a groupie.
Yes, I'd stay. For me, I enjoy everything at a game: the arena, coaches, atmosphere, players and most importantly the actual hockey. I wouldn't exactly call it being a groupie but I'd enjoy any chance to see my team in action.

Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
If you spent the money on the ticket, the parking, the food and drinks, etc, you get to leave when you please, and if someone wants to judge you based on that it's their problem, not yours.
I'm not judging; I just think it's rather counter-intuitive to drop a couple hundred bucks on a game, then leave without getting your full money's worth.

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