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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
how much respect did Belichek have coming here? he worked for the great Bill Parcells a HOF coach and bombed out in Cleveland.....he started 5-11 his first year and 0-2 his second year, my math says that is 5-13. Cripes, your pissing and moaning over a preseason loss. I am not the biggest Lewis fan but I think he will be very good from what I've seen.

From my view he is


I probably need to care more and take preseason losses a bit more personally, I'm sure I'm as big a Red Sox fan as you are Bruins but I feel kinda guilty now after going last night and having a great time- awesome weather, great company, a couple of beers, super atmosphere, watching Baldelli, Crawford, Ortiz, checking out the youngsters like Murphy, Pedroia, Delmon Young, BJ Upton.....I realize I just don't get it- I should hate Francona and be PISSED

Balanced......Yea....I'd call you're fourth liners playing almost as much as you're 1st liners Is balanced....Not smart...but balanced.

Creative....Depends on weather forcing Kessel with Bergeron and Boyes (NO GOALS YET, EITHER OF THEM HMMMM) instead of leaving Sturm with them (That line was creative) Is Creative or just plain dumb. Creative is fine....Breaking up a line that average 2.87 points per game so you can fit a rookie in....Is dumb...Not creative.....

Creative would be to see if Kessel and Kalus could have continued their pre season chemistry and then finding them a center...THAT would be creative....not breaking up our best line.

Knowledgable.....Whats he done so knowledgable ???....Has he done anything inventive or out of the box that proves his knowledge ? Can you give me an example that I may have missed ???

Articulate.....And where does articulation make you a good hockey coach ?....Jim Leyland is not that articulate....Yet the Tigers are excellent for the first time since they fired their articulate last manager named Trammell....BOY that LINDY RUFF sure is an articulate Goon eh ?......I am sorry, I just have'nt seen to many cups won because of articulation. Being articulate is fine...Just dont know where it fits in here.....

Positive....The guy was fired last season from perhaps the best place to coach in the whole league. He was mentored by the best. Had money to spend, Had presidents cup talent, had fans, and tradition, and atmosphere....Yet positively did not do well Why did Charelli think he would be better here ?........Whats he been positive about. How hard is it to say, Its nice having Chara, Bergeron is a bright young talent, Boyes future is great....yada yada yada....

I think you need to apply some different adjectives that may be more appropriate at this time.......

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