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05-14-2013, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by e46330ivs View Post
What potential are you talking about? Stock for stock, the M3 absolutely ***** the
C63, and if you want to talk potential, throw a stage 3 Dinan Package and a 4.10 rear diff and there's nothing you can do to the C63 for it to keep up. Now is the C63 nicer as far as looks, perhaps, does it sound better for sure. If you have honestly raced M series before you would know that stock for stock there isnt much out there that touches BMW. BMW M cars is the benchmark for other manufacturers to follow, and that's exactly what they do is follow. Every year I go to the Tremblant race track and every manufacturer sends a couple cars and I can tell you nobody as the total package like BMW, sure some may look a little better, sound a little better, maybe brake a little better or have a little more power, but none of them have the total package like BMW M series cars. You said yourself the M is easier to track, have you never wondered why, that's where your answer lies my friend.
Typical M-power fanboy

I'm not hating on M cars, they're wonderful... But the C63 in the hand of a pro, is faster. (Albeit, it's really close.)

Another one in this category is the Cts-V.

Really when it comes down to it is what you really want... Which one do you think looks better? Fits your pocket the best...

Personally, I'd go with a real weekend car, but this is a nice daily driver...

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