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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post

if you say that the 2 contracts shouldn't be compared with one another, why are you comparing their values? Seems like you're trying to play both sides here.

Yes he's getting 13m, but over 4 years, the Avs was over 2, the only thing to compare in this case, since they're 2 different lengths and $ amount, would be the AAV, which again the Avs were higher, but you're so hung up on someone saying something that is accurate, but just not the complete truth, that you're attempting to make it out as if he lied, which he didn't.

For the record, I NEVER said that I didn't believe that Anderson tried to get more years from the Avs, I only said that we never heard it, I do think he attempted to get more years, but was told that 2 would be the max they'd go for now, which was the smarter move, because Anderson had never been a full-time #1 until he came to the Avs.

I'm done with this, you think what you want to think, but you and I have contributed to the hijacking of this thread, and it ends now.

Again, for the record, I'm sure Anderson's people wanted more years from the Avs, but he sure as hell didn't earn it at all (before and during the season), so what ended up being their final offer was a more than fair 2 years, 7.5m deal, which would have been a significant raise based off of just 1 good (but not great, check his stats) year.

Again, Andy did nothing but pout and give up on the team. Is he playing well now for Ottawa? Sure, but he wasn't playing like this for them last season.

This is the end of the discussion in the Varlamov thread, feel free to move it to PM, but I have a feeling that we should just leave it as we're both on opposing sides in this issue
This is my last reply so i hope you don't delete it.

You are hung up on the AAV, when it doesn't matter since Anderson was looking for the insurance of a long term deal.

You say that the original post was accurate, but it is was not. It would've been accurate if he had said "LESS AAV". How can something be accurate if it doesn't reflect the complete truth?

Whether Anderson deserved a long term deal or not is debatable. While you and Avs mgmt felt he didn't, the Senators had seen enough to commit to him.

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