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Originally Posted by Meteor View Post
The Canadian penalty killers, particularly Mahovlich and Berenson, did a very good job that game.


According to this game recap, the Soviets had a grand total of five quality chances all game
I'm not sure what this blogger's means of recording a Scoring Chance is, it's such an ill defined concept to begin with, but after rewatching the game I'd count 4 quality scoring chances by the Russians in the 1st period alone. First 3 are by Maltsev who is the best Soviet player, he's all over the place in the 1st. Dryden's best save however is on Kharlamov with less than a minute left in the period. A bad clear up the middle by Stapleton lands right on Vikulov's who passes to a wide open Kharlamov at the side of the net and Dryden absolutely robs him with a diving arm save. The save is huge given it's right before the break and keeps it scoreless. The 1st Soviet goal, a point shot by Liapkin, in that blogger's view is "a long shot he should have had" with "no screen" that "goalies in my (beer) league don't get beaten by." Unfortunately he's way off base here. It's pretty clear that Cournoyer, in trying to get back in the play, runs out of the corner and skates directly in front of Dryden as the shot is fired. At the same time Savard tries to jump out at Liapkin. Cournoyer and Savard cross, screening Dryden, who never sees the shot until it zips past him.
I'd agree that Canada does an outstanding job killing penalties, tight checking and limiting Soviet chances for the rest of the game. Savard really stands out for me here, along with Bergman, Berenson and Pete Mahovlich, but Dryden does his part as well. He does some fine things that don't show up on the score board, playing the puck to his defense and covering the puck during scrambles around his crease. He looks poised throughout, and there are good saves throughout. During the 5 on 3 in the 2nd period he makes a great save on a one-timer by Lutchenko when he's lost his stick behind the net. It's a bullet and he does a nice job getting in front of it. On the kill of Ron Ellis' penalty in the final minutes he makes two more stops on blasts by Lutchenko, one of which Brian Conacher calls "the save of the game." It's not, that'd be Dryden's save on Kharlamov, which again is just superb and pivotal, but they're both excellent stops and they preserve the win. Dryden was chosen Canada's 1st star of the game and deservedly so.
Again, after watching the game I stand by my statement. In two of the final three games of the series, with Canada facing humiliation, Dryden comes up with the win. He deserves more credit than the "he wasn't good against the Russians" view that's widely held.

Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
He certainly did not do much on New Years Eve, and the contrast with Tretiak standing on his head in the other end was pretty extreme
No question Tretiak is the story of that great game. It's a marvelous performance and the kudos are richly deserved. Then there's the other end: My feeling is Dryden gets the blame on plays where the Habs defense is largely at fault. Mikhailov is allowed to skate right between the circles by Lapointe and Savard and gets to pick the corner on the 1st goal; Lemaire loses his check and Kharlamov splits the defense and goes in alone on Dryden on the 2nd; Awrey makes a bad play in the neutral zone and gets caught up ice leading to a two-on-one on the 3rd. All three of the goals are super scoring opportunities and the Red Army players don't waste them.

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