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09-28-2006, 12:47 PM
Boston Bruno
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My take..

I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss some of your criticism of Lewis last night, if it were a regular season game..

It was pretty interesting how quickly the game sort of turned on the bruins the minute Hulwig smoked a B.. After that moment (and Stuart being shoved into the open door) the B;s had nothing.

I dont think it was a coaching problem, yet still more of a a motivation problem.
(which really is part of the whole spectrum of the team, not just lewis)

I think the "full roster" (above 80 percent) had everyone expecting someone else to take the lead..

Chara's game last night was full of gaffs. I was not overly impressed with him, nor some of the play with York.

No Strassobosco either, so really we were only at 10 percent capacity no matter what the 80% rule is..

Some of the things I did notice were Wayne Primeau and Axelsson working well together, but Donovan just didnt work with them..

Boyes, Bergeron and Kessel will work together, as will Savard, Murray and Kessel,
Sturm, Murray and Savard, Bergeron Boyes and Murray etc etc - The top 2 line off wingers can be changed at the drop of a hat and we will get production..

Thomas really did play well, so did the Lundmark.. While it did not appear that the bruins were mustering much of an attack (save the last 20 seconds) - I think it was more Lundmark not giving up rebounds, playing angles and his D men doing a solid job.

all in all, it was a very uninspired effort by the bruins - I concur that we would have been smoked if Thomas played his B game.. Chara was fairly unimpressive (impressive in a negative way if possible)


In the end - Exhibition, New York, Refs were somewhat bogus on some of the calls, TFB, **** doesnt really count for much other giving us a glimpse of something to rave or complain about.

Lets see how we do against them on Saturday after they play the isle the night before..

I suspect we might see Kessel end up with Axelsson and Primeau at some point

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