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05-14-2013, 01:33 AM
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Lost 6-4 tonight, got a chance to use my new stick. It's 2-3 inches shorter than my old one, which I got used to easily except trying to take slap shots that ended up fanning off the toe into the corner. I had a couple good rips with the stiffer flex (went up to 85 from 70) during warmups but the curve is a little more open faced than my old stick so they were difficult to control. The open face made it easier to flip pucks up high though, and I had a nice "hail mary" type pass to one of my teammates that went over everyone's heads (but he wasn't really able to control it). I'm not accustomed to being able to lift the puck up at that steep of an angle, but it's useful as a defenseman so I like it pretty well. Had an assist, a tripping penalty (had no real choice in the matter, caught me in transition with no backwards momentum built up), and a -1 rating.

Might see if I can do anything about extending the shaft a few inches, but it's a wood stick so I'm not sure how well that will go.

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