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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Torts gets a lot of hate but the man coached a hell of a game tonight. There's plenty of blame for Torts when things go wrong, but he deserves some credit when the team comes out and takes care of business in such a convincing manner in a Game 7.

The transition game was the best I've seen in some time, the Rangers attacked and did not let up even though they led for most of the game, and they played responsibly and disciplined.
Everyone on and off the bench does deserve alot of credit for last night. Like no doubt.

But before Asham scores we are not looking good at all, and even before its 2-0, things are not looking good at all. IE, not "the Caps got the upper hand", but more like how can we survive this??? McD is shaken up. We get nothing, and litterary nothing, going. The Caps had like 4-5 really prime scoring chances. We get a lucky goal on a real low percentage shot, and then scores 2 more on our first 4 shots in the second.

That said, what we do really good is this:

1. Hank is giving us a chance to win

To put it like this, a goalie can rob shooters. You can end up in a situation where it feels like no matter how good chances we get we just can convert. Many goalies can give you that. But Hank is giving us even more/something else, and that is his ability to never almost be overplayed. Pyatt goal's is a extremely typical goal scored at this time of the year. If you pay your due's, play the right way, put the puck on the net, win battles infront of the net, you will score those goals on a regular basis.

But Hank's real strength's is that he isn't at the top of the crease to stop that first shot, when that bounce comes, the shooter does not get an empty net.

Teams will beat him with shots and get deflections. But its extremely hard on Hank to play so well that you get a slam dunk. That really frustrates the teams we are playing, cause they'll need "luck". Like you cannot hit the ice and do the right things and expect to step of the ice with a 2-0 lead after 40 minutes.

2. We are extremely consistent

No matter what you do, nothing will work if you aren't consistent. The race is too long and the marginals too small, to much is asked of the human beings on the ice. There is this saying that about being able to do something in your sleep, that is an essential requirement for a hockey team this time of the year.

Washington is definitely a team that is not as consistent as we are. They get ideas, they get into funks during games, sometimes they fly really high, sometimes they fly really low.

The advantage with Torts style, and its a huge one, is that -- while its extremely simplistic -- when you do something that is easy to do, its also very easy to be consistent at it.

My fear is of course that I have huge concerns about how we would look against a good team. We have played Ottawa, Washington, NJD and Washington in our last four rounds, truth to be told, quite weak hockey teams. Inconsistent, flawed, thin hockey teams. And we have won like what, 3 games (?) of 28, somewhat comfortably. All the while, and especially in the west, we see teams consistently build a much higher maintainance product and thay have now reached levels that just blows the teams we struggle with in the East of the face of the planet.

But we are undoubtedly very consistent.

3. We have many really good, competent and strong hockeyplayers

I know many loves to trash our roster. I don't agree. So many teams out there has many positions filled by players who just are very fragile in the roles they fill at this time of the year.

We had that even three years ago, and especially if you go back to 2005-2010. There are no Maxim Kondratievs on our team anymore. Not even any Dawes or Pruchas. This is what you gain by building consistently.

When everyone is healthy, we basically have Clowe-Boyle-Dorsett as our 4th line and Powe and Asham as spare forwards. So many teams, from Ottawa to Montreal and several others, in terms of consistency and being ready to play in the role they play, where they are in their careers in general, starts at forward nr 8-9 where we start at nr 14-15.

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