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05-14-2013, 07:36 AM
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Also, another thing that we maybe doesn't do well, but something many has a problem with that I don't, and that is our "physical play".

Who didn't want AO's head taken of last night?

The thing is, no matter where you look, no team is hurt as much as the dirtiest team's. Look, this is not black or white. You cannot say, never retailiate. You cannot say that we shouldn't hit more. "One big hit" can really set the tempo of a game. And what not.

Boston is a very physical team, and they have 3 left handed D's out. Montreal and Ottawa tried to kill each other, and while Ottawa could finnish it in 5 they left with many bruises. Philly is a great example of this when for a long period they all their best players got concussion problems. From Lindros to Primau to Gagne, and several others. Ottawa and Toronto where really strong in the late 90's early 00's. They played each other, or the Islanders and another team or two, on a yearly basis, in series that where just insane (anyone remember the Peca hits etc), and no matter what team won one thing was clear and that was that none of the teams had personell to play 4 series or PO hockey after one round against each other.

Its good to be tough. Sometimes you must answer. But more importantly, you cannot loose the aim for why we play these games. And that we do nto.

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