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05-14-2013, 07:55 AM
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The denouement on the leafs board is delicious.

Posters there that aren't burning the org in effigy or planning a SC parade trying to come up with:

"Well, we were never expected to get this far, what an accomplishment"

Which is kind of like kissing your sister and boasting of it as some kind of grand conquest. I need mouthwash to erase that imagery.

Lets maybe recap a reality check.

An org that hasn't done anything during the second century of confederation of this country and has the gall to represent "Maple Leafs" as if its flying a flag (at half mass or letting it rub in the dirt) got bent over yet again in the last 9mins of a game 7 in which they were leading 4-1. To then of course lose in OT.

One word only comes up in this. Fail. Massive, monumental even.

This wasn't a hockey game it was divine comedy played out on the national stage and we're all thankful for the mirth. Its hard to find any hellish Dante's inferno muse anymore but this will suffice nicely. Really, this made my playoffs, anything else could happen with a smile on my face.

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