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01-03-2004, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
For those who forgot, I posted a 'Time to hit the Panic Button' thread regarding the Stars, but nobody listened! M=G and Trots for instance, were saying how silly of an idiot!
Since you mentioned my name, I'll reply. :p

Obviously, the Stars have underperformed significantly. That's not debatable.

If I'm reading the standing correctly, however, they are tied for eighth in the conference and are mere points behind several teams ahead of them.

Repeating, as I did last time you offered up this question, no time to hit the panic button, if by that you mean ripping apart the current roster with major moves. (If they have quit on their coach, then a change may be in order at the top.)

Just a difference of opinion, but I think Mike Modano's resume of more than a decade suggests that his performance for the three months is an aberration, and he will get it together before the year is over. Likewise, Turco, etc.

So M, I was listening when you first took out the panic button, and I'm listening now. Just not agreeing about pushing it. :p

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