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05-14-2013, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
And I already said what why I think you are wrong so I'm not attacking you at all, let alone without a reason. My dislike for your posts stems from the sheer fact that, according to you, everything is either awesome or going to hell for our hockey when the truth almost always is in the middle.

And yes, I was a skeptic and I'll gladly admit that I was kinda wrong, about Indrasis but his emergence simply defied logic. But to say that Dasutins has a KHL top6 potential (or that he could break through at Dynamo Moskva as a foreigner under Znaroks) when you have seen playing him max 5 times altogether, is silly. Dasutins doesn't have tenth of a CV Indrasis had at his age, so I think I'm on a safe side of this argument. And again I'll be humble enough to eat crow, when I'll be wrong.
Yep because Znaroks is completley unfamiliar with latvian hockey and its players..right

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