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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
This is not proof of anything. Hypothetically speaking if there was something wrong behind the scenes it doesn't mean there was anything wrong with them. For example if the rumored locker room issues were true it could have came down to Pronger or them. Pronger was completely unmovable with a NMC and a 35+ contract with 6 years remaining on the deal while they were much easier to move and much more attractive to other teams. Let's face it. Pronger is a dick and it would be of no shock if he caused friction in the locker room. He is the kind of guy that is only liked by fans if he plays for your team. Otherwise most people despise his prickly nature. It would also be of no surprise if the Flyers hitched their wagon to the wrong horse as they have done the same exact thing with Bryzgalov.

I think the fact that 17 & 18 have made two finals appearances including one championship shows that their recreational activities were overblown by the gossipy nature of the media.
I agree that their recreational activities are overblown and were probably not the reason they were moved, but I also think there was stuff outside of hockey that did get them traded. I dont know anything about Carter other than he was described as the most miserable millionaire anyone has ever met. Unless he was such a downer, like in Columbus, that isn't really a reason to move someone. There are rumors of Richards displaying a terrible attitude at outside hockey functions and to team personnel. He did reportedly showed up 45 minutes late and in a bad attitude to start his last season for a Flyers for a function for corporate partners and season ticket holders. It's one thing to be miserable to the press its another to show up the owner and GM of the organization in front of the people who pay the bills. Add in little things like wearing your friends company hat instead of a Flyers cap during interviews, questioning the GM's cap management and the coaches powerplay decisions to press and you piece together a good picture of guy not too respectful of the hierarchy of management. Captains are the face of the franchise not just on the ice but also in the community and selling it to business partners. Once his on-ice play slipped, the off the ice stuff became a lot more important. Coke use, drinking, ******* is the stuff of tabloids and probably not the reason they were traded.

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