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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
actually nobody insulted you, you're the one who is doing the insulting. just because someone doesn't work directly in the industry (and for all you know, maybe I do, maybe everyone posting here does), doesn't mean they can't have a valid opinion and ask valid questions. you've called me an idiot and have said I don't know what i'm talking about, simply because I have a different opinion than you.

i'm not pretending I know it all. again, I think you're the one doing that. just because you have a small scouting gig for a team in the q, doesn't mean you know everything and you opinion is more valid than anyone else's. in fact, i'd say your opinion is tainted because you have a personal interest in portraying things a certain way. you can't possibly admit that the draft is a farce.

i'm not acting like I know it all, and i'm not afraid to ask questions. and I don't think i'm the one that's angry here. clearly I've struck a nerve with you by calling into question the validity of your scouting gig and everything you guys do with 15 year old kids.

i'd say its pretty easy to make a good deal for such a star player who doesn't want to play for a particular team. but typical hockey logic, making things sound far more complicated than they actually are.

again, i'm not the angry one in this conversation. you have a vested personal interest and clearly you're mad about the whole charade being exposed. its a gig you enjoy, so your anger is understandable.

I have no personal interest, no kids who play hockey, and don't personally know any kids that age who play hockey. just simply an interested hockey observer with many questions and doubts about the way this league and everyone involved in it operate their business.
Actually Frankie, I agree with you on many of your points. Hockey is completely an old boys network. I go to the rinks in NB watching Midget Major and I have very different opinions of players than some that are posted here. There is a ton of promoting going on and you have outlined it very well in terms of advisors to scouts to GM's. I know a couple of Q scouts who aren't qaulified to coach an Atom team, and then I know a couple more that seem to be very good at accessing talent.

You suggest that the draft is a farce, and that there is so much collusion going on that its not a real draft. You could well be correct, but how else would they do it? If it was just open for kids parents or advisors to work things out with teams it would kill the teams with the small budgets completely.

I value everyone's opinion, please don't stop giving yours, and scoutman1 don't stop giving yours either.

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