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05-14-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by thirdmanin View Post
everyone is different. Some people decide they would rather miss the traffic than stick around for the obvious result. Some people may have decided they get too worked up during a blowout, and they leave rather than get angered over a game that is supposed to bring enjoyment and entertainment.

I ask this - why is it unusual for folks to leave a source of entertainment when they are no longer entertained? Is it out of some arbitrary sense of loyalty that they are required to stay? If these same fans were going out and burning all of their gear, selling their season tickets and boycotting the team after a single blowout i would see the confusion, but simply leaving? Hell, i change the channel or walk out of the theater when i don't like a movie. I'm not being entertained, so i'm going to find a better use of my time.

Now, if you find more enjoyment out of remaining loyal to the bitter end, that's also fine.

We are all fans in different ways.

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