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05-14-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by syz View Post
The Rangers are just better built for the playoffs. Largely because of that Lundqvist guy.
Need to mention that they didn't have Marc Staal either. Major props to Girardi and McDonagh.

I'm gonna go with:

Rangers in (*gasp*) 7
Pens in 6
Kings in 5
Hawks in 6

I think the Bruins could handle the Rangers but they seem tired and lack that super-focus they had a couple of years ago. Rangers are resilient as heck, I just wonder if they have a drop-off after beating Washington again.

If the Pens play Vokoun the entire time, probably Pens in 4-5. But I expect we'll see Fleury out there at least once and it will cost them.

I think the Sharks may have a drop-off after beating the hated Canucks, and the Kings are just built for the playoffs. Kings in 5 might be a little harsh but let's not forget the Blues beat the Sharks in 5 last year and though the Sharks are improved, it's still difficult for them to score against close checking teams.

Hawks in 6 - I say this because obviously never, EVER count the Wings out. I think Anaheim's season was a little inflated and I'm not shocked the Wings won, but so long as Crawford continues to play extremely well, I can't see the Wings matching the depth of the Hawks.

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