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05-14-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
Scary when you realize that all the owners that built rinks were forced to sell and declare bankruptcy. Yea, that's a model I want to see the Oiler's owner taking. And what about a big city with hockey interested fans? I can almost guarantee a team goes to Seattle if they build a new arena.

This has been pointed out so many times that I cant believe anyone still brings up Seattle as a potential destination but the deal there is infinitely worse than what he would be getting in Edmonton. Maybe he could sell the team to a Seattle based interest but owning it makes no sense when he wouldnt get all the extra revenue that he's getting in the Edmonton Arena, he'd be a second tenant and getting a worse lease deal, and he'd be at best the third or fourth major sports team in the area and unable to charge what he gets for tickets here.

Seattle isnt a legitimate option, it's a boogeyman brought out to threaten people who dont realize the situation has changed since Pocklington owned the team. Katz is likely better off in Edmonton paying twice what he is now committed to than he would be moving to Seattle.

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