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Originally Posted by Rolex View Post
When the dust of the season settles at the end of the year, you never quite know who is available and at what cost. There are a few organizations right now that are baffled by their team's performance in the season and/or POs and need a shake up. The Canucks, Blues, Caps and Ducks stand out to me right now. What they will do is anyone's guess but they need to make some major changes in order to seriously challenge for the Cup. To us Flyers fans, some guys may look weak to another organization, you never know.
I've been saying exactly what you just did for awhile so I agree. We have teams with early exits, internal budgets, needs for a shake up, etc....

St Louis is the first place I look to honestly. Timmy P mentioned an offersheet, I wouldn't go that way. If we are serious about trying to get Shatty or Pietrangelo(I think the Flyers value Piety much more) try and trade for them. Don't low ball them like Weber, but Poile's counter offer was just outright embarrassing. He had the right to do that though.

People said it's a pipe dream like Weber, but that dream almost became reality last year. I know it's a long shot, but you have to explore every possibility to improve this club. St Louis has three top pairing defenders, and with that internal budget(which many Blues fans think they spend to the cap, I still don't see it right now) they might have to move one to improve the offense which struggled mightily in the playoffs. I would sell my house for Pietrangelo, and much more actually. He would be the player the Flyers build around for many many years, and he is a true #1 in the making(if he isn't there already.) It's very unlikely they move him, but problems negotiating a new contract(length), wanting too much, teams direction, everything comes into contract negotiations. Hope that they have some issues getting him locked up like Weber.

Now I already discussed my deal I would try to work out with Anaheim. I love Ryan, and wouldn't wait till his offensive peak years are gone before we get him as a UFA(if we even do). You make sure you can grab him with a trade, but Carchidi mentioned there is some worry about playing for his hometown team. I really worry about that myself, he would improve that top line immensely. Ryan-Giroux-Voracek is such a sexy top line to have for 4-5 years. If you have an oppurtunity to improve your club, you do it. Never wait and hope a player comes here via free agency.

Now I still really like Sbisa's potential and he is still extremely young for a defender. We all know the Flyers like him, we drafted the kid. We saw the potential in him. It makes sense for a Sbisa+ for Coburn if Anaheim is looking for a player with what they know he will provide. Sbisa is still going through the tough growing pains as a young defender. You never know either, they could have soured on his potential and other teams like what they see still. We see that happen so many times over the years.

Now I don't think we make good trade partners with Washington. They are in our division next year, and will become heated rivals. This summer might be the one time we have a chance to make a deal, but I don't think we are good partners.

Vacouver has been discussed endlessly since their early exit haha.

All in all, I think the Flyers will make a big splash. People are saying they don't believe this team is near contention, I disagree. They are a select few pieces away from being there. A #1 defenseman is the biggest glare. If we can acquire one through trade(yes for Couts) I would make the deal. Flyers, as we know, can develop forwards. Give to get, and Laughton seems like he is no joke. I am not saying he will immediately replace Couts, but can step in and ease the pain. Also a little bit more production from the expensive goalie would be helpful too.

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