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05-14-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Won last night 2-0 I believe, but yikes was it sloppy.

Beginners kind of took over the game last night in our defensive zone, i.e. we couldn't get clean breakouts to save our lives. Three times I cut through the middle and am wide open with nobody in front of me, just need a little chip pass along the boards, and three times we ice it.

I did get two gorgeous centering passes though from my winter teammate. For some reason nobody on the other team was covering the entire middle of the ice so when I jumped on at the end of our PK he just tossed it to me and breakaway. But the friggin puck was on its side and I missed the net by about six feet. Second great pass was a nice little touch pass for again, a breakaway, but I hit the bar.

Add on two more pipes and it was just an unlucky night.

Also, why isn't anybody ever in front of the net? Any time I get the puck from behind the net its like everybody on my team vacates the slot.
Lol! I've noticed this lately with the guys I play with. I'm the only one who will park in front of the net...and I'm not a big body. I'm tall but am only 155lbs soaking wet lol. If anything I should be able to be tossed aside with ease, but nope.

The game I went to last week that's where every one of my goals came from. I'll take them all day!

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