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05-14-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Moneypuck View Post
Feel if this arena was really essential for Mr. Katz, it would've been started long ago. If he doesn't care (Mr. Katz being the sole beneficiary/controlling 100% of the operating profits) why should the city.

Put it on the backburner and pay no attention to if for a few years and watch his response.
I would have immediately shelved it once he pulled the Seattle thing and then tried to ask for more cash to operate it. I would have then told the Katz group to come back to us when you have a few ideas as to how to over come this 100 mill shortfall and tossed the whole thing in his lap.

Unfortunately the mayor sees this as his big legacy project and will do anything to get it going and some of his top ambitious council henchmen like Krushell are on board.

It's amazing that the city is doing just about everything in this process with the occasional fly by duck shoot by the oilers and the city and council is being lambasted by arena supporters for their inaction. People supporting the arena should be throwing rose petals at the feet of this mayor and this council. They have don't just about everything possible to make this work.

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