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05-14-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
But then you responded saying "How many games did you watch him play and vs. which teams". The topic had been about Nygren yes, but had changed once he mentioned Weber.

Next time, be more specific

The thread subject is Nygren. Sorry if you misunderstood. I hope you don't misunderstand next time as well.

The "him" (ie: Subject) stayed Nygren, regardless of the mention of Weber.

Weber was thrown in at some point, but the main subject remained Nygren.

The use of the word "actually" should have cleared that up, because most Habs fans have seen Weber play, and it's understood that I wouldn't ask him such a question about Weber.

Anyways....thanks for that. 30 seconds I won't ever get back.

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