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05-14-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post

Many people default to online stores because they're so easily accessible and they market so well without even thinking about what it would take to buy from them. That is not smart business on the consumer's part. See the difference?
This is very true and most frustrating running a local LHS. I get people in that have bought stuff from online just as the default assuming better price and selection then they get in my store and realize I'm priced at or lower than the online places and if not, I'll match it.

We now have a Total Hockey and Hockey Giant down the street from us and I'm hearing people in the rink talking about shopping there. When I inquire about what they paid, they see it wasnt such a deal, they just assumed as such.

Its the hardest thing about fighting those places. Everyone knows about them and assume better pricing. For all those that come in my shop and realize they could have got it locally for the same price, I'm wondering how many people I'm not reaching who order online and never happen to know I'm around or come in the shop.

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