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05-14-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
We're not comparing with the situation now so what Northlands gets doesnt matter, he's getting everything in the new deal. The question is whether he's better off paying more than what he is in the new arena deal and staying in Edmonton or moving to Seattle.
Say Katz pays the whole $55 million shortfall is he better off staying in Edmonton or moving to Seattle. Clearly he's better off in Edmonton.

Just look at the average ticket prices. Edmonton is charging almost $80 a ticket on average for tickets to the Oilers. At best he'll be able to charge around $50 as an average in Seattle. $30 per ticket at 18000 seats for 40 games is close to $22 million per season without any playoff games. He also gets all non game day revenue in Edmonton which he wont in Seattle. Even with the difference in market size he'll get more for TV revenue in Edmonton then he's likely to get in Seattle.

Katz still comes out ahead if he pays the full $55 million shortfall than he would moving to Seattle. If he wants to move the team it has to be to Markham/Hamilton/Toronto2 or sell it.
He wouldn't have to invest 200M into the arena as well as operating costs. 200M would take a long time to make back... Just saying

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