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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I know, it just doesn't seem like something that will stick around, kind of a gimmick. I'd like to know from people who have bought the skates if they notice the tendon guards doing anything special when they play.
You know it is not so noticeable when you get into the Makos, feels different, but not a big deal. The big difference is when you put on a different skate after having skated in the Makos for awhile.

I have worn my MLX skates for two years, and now the Makos. A few months back I picked up a pair ccm CL's for coaching, and I could not believe how stiff the tendon guard was, and how much it limited range of motion. It really hurt the turning radius I was able to achieve with the MLX, and Makos. That is where you notice it, when the range of motion you had is taken away.

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