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Originally Posted by CShuckWangGoAway View Post
I didn't say you were knocking it, I said people here weren't giving it enough credit.

I know you people have dreams of the ECHL again, but if they are going to own both teams, why would they move one to the ECHL? They're not going to move one of these teams away from the other when they own both of them.

And how do you know all of those teams are going to stay in the ECHL?

Me thinks some more moves are coming soon
The SPHL just made a move which caught almost everyone off guard. I'd think that this is just a first step in a strategic plan to grow single A hockey in the midwest and the east along with their traditional southern base.

In the midwest, Quad City (CHL) and St. Charles (CHL expansion) come immediately to mind as future SPHL markets. In the east, Elmira (ECHL), Wheeling (ECHL), Danbury (FHL), Trenton (formerly ECHL) and, yes, Reading (ECHL). In the south, both South Carolina (ECHL), Greenville(ECHL) and even Gwinnett (ECHL) and Florida (ECHL) could be target SPHL markets as well. These markets-for various reasons-seem more suited to the single A model of hockey than the AA.

I agree, many more moves could be coming very soon. The Peoria move to the SPHL instead of the ECHL was a shocker, and Bloomington bolting the CHL for the SPHL set the groundwork for moves which weren't even on most peoples' radars just two days ago.

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