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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
From an outside point if view I find the whole thing rather funny

I was living in the Downtown eastside if Vancouver when GM place was built (yes I know technically it is in down Vancouver--most where it is located is on the eastside) and the building kicked off a huge renovation of the entire era and created jobs that were not there before.

My guess is, that Northlands and the city are still trying to work the deal to build the arena out near Northlands and have Northlands own and run it and Edmonton pay rent.

For me Northlands is a Dinosaur that has not kept up with modern times
Eh? Not sure where this comes from the city has agreed on a and spent lots of time and money on the downton arena and have essentially tried to cut Northlands out of the whole deal.

Northlands may be a dinosaur as far as glitzy hockey rinks goes but in the grand scheme of building age it is not at all old for a large building/infrastructure.

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