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Originally Posted by Markowicz View Post
In my honest opinion, DD doesn't really fit on this team. But then i can say the same thing going forward for bunch of other players. Plekanec at 5 million a year does not fit on this team. Markov is equally too expensive to stay, same with Gionta. Diaz has no place on the team in 1-2 years. Obviously Weber, Kaberle and Ryder are gone.

If Eller and Galchenyuk continue to be as good as they were last year (and as much as everyone just assumes they will, there's no guarantee), i would try Desharnais on the wing. He has great vision and a scoring touch that is underrated.

Desharnais should be looked at as more of an offensive utility player. At 3.5m a year, i think he offers decent value. Do l love his game? No. But i think with a little bit of tinkering he can become useful on this team next year. Like Plekanec, his fate will be decided on how quickly our young stud centers become consistent star players.
You're living in a dream world where you can just go to Wal Mart and buy big/young/cheap players and plug them in instead of smaller/older/higher cap hit guys.

Desharnais has a spot on this team because we don't have another better offensive center. Galchenyuk still has a lot to learn and improve on at LW before having the added defensive responsibility of playing center.

Plekanec at 5 mil is hardly a bad cap hit. Bergeron who is a smilar player, in a similar role with similar production has a smilar cap hit. Staal whom Plekanec outproduces has a 6 mil cap hit starting next year.

Gionta is a bit overpaid, but he was a UFA signing, which usually brings a 500-750k premium. Plus he brings a ton of leadership, experience and character.

Markov his cap hit is a bit high, a tough decision will need to be made in his case going forward. I expect him to have a lower cap hit going forward though. Still not far off.

Diaz definitely has a spot on the team if Markov walks at some point, he may becaome a nice trading chip(like a Goligoski) once Beaulieu is ready for top 6 duty.

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