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05-14-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by gqmixmaster View Post
Does 600M + interest really need to be paid for a few extra seats, a new ice plant and a less ghetto location? Was the construction of rexall in that area not supposed to help rejuvenate the area? How did that go?

How long did yankee stadium last, or maple leaf gardens, or the forum in montreal? Is financial responsibility being trumped by shiny and pretty?

I understand some tax breaks or land deals, but I don't get financing a private business especially when the facility already exists and works fine. I don't understand how the leaders of the province feel about the example they set for their citizens but not being fiscally responsible for the future is not exactly what people would vote for.
Does 600mil allow me to go to the can and get back to my seats before intermission is over is all I want. I'd be greedy and say get another beer too, but that's just pushing it.

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