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01-03-2004, 02:04 PM
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I had a chance to watch the Canada/Czech game today and as the tournament has gone on, Carter has gotten better and better and better. I read somewhere where his coach in the Sault said that Carter reminds him a lot of Mats Sundin. I have no qualms with this comparison and actually think that Jeff reminds me a lot of a cross between Modano and Sakic. He has the skating ability of Modano, the scoring ability of Sakic and probably the defensive awareness of Modano as well. Jeff will never be the most physical player, but he won't shy away from the rough stuff either. I've never believed that you need to be a brute in order to be successful in the league. However, I think it would benefit Jeff if he did develop a little bit of a mean streak. As for Mike Richards, he reminds me a lot of a cross between Mike Ricci and Doug Gilmour. I've complained for years that when the Flyers dealt Ricci for that punk who is now in New York, we probably lost one of the best two way players in the game and did nothing to replace the devil on skates. Well, I think Richards will more than suffice. He'll be a heart and soul leader like Gilmour and should the league ever decide to open up the game again and allow the talented players to play, Richards could easily score between 70 and 80 points. I also watched the US/Finland game today and can honestly say that if Zach Parise doesn't make it as a hockey player, he can at least be a professional diver......

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