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05-14-2013, 04:15 PM
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Ellis is 22; I'd be willing to bet he's no worse in 3 years than Co*y is now at age 25. Age-wise, Blum is a just turned 24 and Franson is an almost 26 - they are 20months apart.

Plus, Blum has played 2 less-than half seasons before this; Co*y played a full and 2 other 3/4 seasons - they aren't even close to the same stage, so hard to say Co*y hands-down better - for the long-term - at this point.

Today - Co*y is a fairly accomplished PP specialist 3rd pair guy, certainly more accomplished than either Blum or Ellis. However, Co*y still doesn't look like he'll ever be more than that, even with a whole lot more development time than the other 2 have had.

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