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05-14-2013, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
I'm not saying you guys are wrong here but the reason the Provincial Government won't directly kick in money to fund the arena is because the optics of it are bad. Alberta has been running a deficit for a few years and they keep cutting education and healthcare budgets. It doesn't look too good to fund a hockey arena for a billionaire and millionaire athletes when they're shutting down schools. It doesn't matter what the actual truth of the situation is, nor does it matter that taxpayer dollars get spent (sometimes wasted) on a bunch of other entertainment venues and private subsidies that don't generate the same kind of income the arena will (for the province and the city) because the media just blows it out of proportion.
I know exactly why they won't, still doesn't mean it doesn't upset me to here they are funding other entertainment projects that I'll never use in my life.

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