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05-14-2013, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
They're projections because NHL teams don't release the actual theoretically speaking, they could be higher or lower, but this is a good estimate based on average ticket price, the amount the Oilers get from NHL merchandise, TV contracts (both local and national), and other hockey related revenue.

To say that Seattle's numbers are dependent on them building a new arena is no different than projections of what the downtown arena will do to the Oilers' profitability; except one major difference. 34 years of NHL history in Edmonton vs 0 years in Seattle. Despite the fact that Seattle is triple Edmonton's size, don't think for one second that 10 years in Seattle is going to miraculously make Seattle a better hockey market than Edmonton. If that were the case, Buffalo and Columbus would be better than Edmonton; they're not.

Columbus' metro area has close to 1.9M people and is close to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and the Canadian border (3.5 hrs to Windsor). There are 11.5M people in Ohio vs 7M people in Washington state and I haven't even talked about the huge population of the surrounding states that are within a few hours drive.

Buffalo's metro area has close to 1.2M people so it's the same size as Edmonton. It's pretty much on the Canadian border and it's well known many Canadians frequently catch Sabres games (to the point that they'll still sing O Canada even when 2 American teams play). When you throw in Rochester and all the counties that make up Western New York, plus Southern Ontario you're talking over 4M people within a 2 hour drive and they're pretty solid hockey fans.

Both Columbus and Buffalo have fairly new arenas, both located downtown if I'm not mistaken. Yet for some reason, Edmonton is still considered a better hockey market.
Columbus has never won so you can't really blame fans for not helping them out. They start winning and it's a whole new ball game down there IMO. Also all discussion on moving to Seattle is based on the premise that Edmonton doesn't get the new arena built.

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