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05-14-2013, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedBlue247 View Post
Ah my mistake, I misunderstood your previous post. Do you know whely he does that?
Here's how he put it, from one of Friedman's 30 Thoughts earlier this year.

Had a terrific conversation with Oates last week about his dislike for players lining up on their off-wing. He is 100 per cent against it and explains why with an MLB analogy. "You look back through the history of baseball and every shortstop throws right. Why?" "Because it's too hard to make the throw left-handed," is the reply. "Right," he says. "How many plays won't be made because a left-handed shortstop isn't able to turn, get set and make the throw with strength or speed?" He believes the same theory applies to a winger on the wrong side.
He doesn't get into why it applies, but you can sort of figure it out. It's little things like receiving/sending passes on your forehand, and being able to shield the puck with your body while carrying it on your forehand on a rush. For a defenseman, you're playing the puck with your forehand when it's along the boards, which is going to make it easier to clear it from your zone or keep it in the opponent's. It does cut down on your shooting angles though. Oates just thinks the advantages really outweigh the disadvantages. I agree to an extent, but when it's resulting in stuff like Forsberg being traded because he's a righty, or Orlov being kept in the minors because he's only comfortable on his off side, it seems a little extreme.

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