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Originally Posted by CowbellConray View Post
But RNH HAS done more in the NHL... 52 points in 62 games his rookie year, and then playing against top competition (Top D-pairs and Forward lines) this year while still scoring 24 points in 40 games is better than Pageau.

Pageau has scored 4 points in 9 NHL games, and then scored PPG in the playoffs. However, he scored all three of his goals in one game. Even if you take away those goals, Ottowa wins 3-1. If you take that one game away, he scores 2 assists in 5 games. Then we arent even having this discussion. So I wouldnt really say his value to his team was as big as RNH's, even if you include Pageau's hat trick. He helped his team win 1 game. RNH was put on the worst team in the league and told "Let's put you on the top line and have you fed to the dogs every game."

Not to take anything away from Pageau, but two years ago Marc Andre Gragnani scored 6 points in 7 games in the first round of the playoffs against the Flyers. People were saying he was the next up and coming offensive Dman in the league. He is an AHL player and nothing more.

You cant say 14 games of Pageau is enough to say he is better than RNH who 1)Plays against tougher competition 2) Played 100 games at the NHL level and 3)Has still scored at a higher PPG then Pageau (.74 compared to .62)

Every argument you have for Pageau can be countered with actual statistics and facts.
I never said he was better, I said he had a bigger impact. RNH will most likely be the better player for his whole career than Pageau, but until RNH actually brings Oilers into playoffs, I think helping a team win one game in playoffs means more than having a stellar regular season.

It's my personal opinion and I value playoffs over regular seasons and being a lottery team.

However, a case can be made about RNH:s regular season performance too. I'm just a sucker for playoffs and I'm probably wrong in most eyes, but my personal opinion is that having a good series in the playoffs is more than having a good regular season - having a hot run in the playoffs doesn't make you a better player, but it can make you one that have achieved more. Seguin played very few games the year they won the cup and I think he achieved more than T.Hall except Seguin haven't been suspended (iirc).

e/ also twax have played against him before he made it to the nhl

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