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Originally Posted by NBHockey View Post
Actually Frankie, I agree with you on many of your points. Hockey is completely an old boys network. I go to the rinks in NB watching Midget Major and I have very different opinions of players than some that are posted here. There is a ton of promoting going on and you have outlined it very well in terms of advisors to scouts to GM's. I know a couple of Q scouts who aren't qaulified to coach an Atom team, and then I know a couple more that seem to be very good at accessing talent.
its definitely an old boys network, and all the boys (the league, teams, scouts, agents) are in it together. its a game of "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours".

I know a few scouts, in the different provinces. some have done some coaching, some haven't. but it really doesn't matter. any good hockey fan can watch a game among 15 year olds and see who the best players are. they'll try to say its more complicated than that, but it truly isn't.

the guys I know who do this scouting thing all have one thing in common...passion. they obviously have a passion for the game and love being a small part of a qmjhl team. they surely don't do it for the money, they do it because they enjoy it.

You suggest that the draft is a farce, and that there is so much collusion going on that its not a real draft. You could well be correct, but how else would they do it? If it was just open for kids parents or advisors to work things out with teams it would kill the teams with the small budgets completely.
that's the down side to not having a draft and simply having teams recruit and sign these kids. the small market teams would suffer no doubt. but would it be the end of the world? ncaa teams don't draft players. European soccer teams don't draft players.

the other way to stop the collusion, and stop this farce that is the qmjhl draft, is to simply not be part of the nonsense. just don't collude. as I've said, an owner should direct his gm and head scout to draft whomever they think is the best choice. don't allow the kids, parents, and agents to play the infamous ncaa card. ignore what they're saying and draft the kid, if he's the one you feel is the best choice.

nobody answered my question earlier, but i'll ask it many examples are there of a player who said he was going ncaa, got drafted early in the qmjhl draft, and actually went ncaa? how many times has a qmjhl team wasted a pick like this?

i'm thinking far more often that kid ends up playing in the q.

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