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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
Now, this may sound silly, because I'm not a "beginner" at hockey, and overall I think my skating is pretty strong.

As long as I'm going forward, turning or doing anything that's not skating backwards.

Now, granted, I've gotten by for a long time because I'm good enough in other areas, and I'm primarily an offense-oriented right wing. I can skate backwards to an extent...but it's slow and awkward and more than once I've gone flat on my back in doing so. I'm inclined to believe that there's something I'm mechanically doing wrong to cause this, because it's the only element of skating I've ever had problems with. I've tried various things, different coaches have tried to help me...working on in-line skates on a slightly inclined surface did help a little...but I wondered if I could pick your brains for some pointers.

how the **** are you a strong skater but you cant skate backwards? BUSH. are u a winger? dont worry about it as much then.

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