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05-14-2013, 06:57 PM
Don't waste my time
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Edmonton taxpayers will pay $219 million toward the 18,559-seat facility, which has a futuristic design of metal and glass.

The Oilers' share will be $143 million. Another $125 million will come from a ticket tax that wouldn't exceed seven per cent of the total cost of a ducat.
Edmonton taxpayers 219 m + 125 m ticket tax = 344 m
Edmonton Oilers ownership = 143 m

The billionaire pays less than a third of the total cost but gets to manage the assets and get the profits?

The logic of public-private partnerships is corporate welfare run amock.

Water services and waste management services has already dumped millions of taxpayers dollars into private corporate hands. The trend continues.

Hockey would survive in Edmonton without sponsoring a billionaire. It's a profitable market for hockey!!! This deal suggests otherwise? or a money/power grab/abuse!

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