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09-28-2006, 11:22 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I think a big reason for it, is the way he moves on the ice. Its hard only seeing him on tv, but follow him as much as possible on a shift. He skates extremely hard in bursts, untill he gets into position, where he kind of stops, follows the play, and then bursts into next positions, very dillegently. Ryan probably accelerate and breaks 7-8 times in avg per shift. Its not a optimal way to move.

Though this style do have both pro's and cons. Its good because he almost never gets caugt out of position. He is always turned the right way, and follows the play really closely, the way he sees the ice without the puck is pretty underrated, though it shows at the number of hits he is able to land.

The negative side is that while Hollweg has his fair share of "takeaways", he either gets the puck kind of standing still, or moving slowly, or when he is moving in direction to hit someone.

The opposite of moving like Hollweg, is probably a player like Mike York, he is always skating, probably can go a entire game without ever breaking, or stopping. That way a player like York, who aren't really that fast, still beats allot of player with his speed, cause whenever he picksup a puck he already are moving at full speed. The negative side of playing like York is that its impossible to always be in position and still skate in full speed, cause at times the right position remains at the same place for a few seconds.

If Hollweg gets to play as a center for a half a season, or something like that, he would have to play allot more with the puck, improvising allot more. That might jump start his offensive game, give him more confidence with the puck. It would also be good if Hollweg picked up some experience at center, if we later in his career wanted to play him with rookie center. In thoose situations its always good to have a winger who can help out if needed in the transition game.
I think you raise some good points about Hollweg's skating, but also blowing it out of proportion a bit....I think Hollweg skates/moves like that because his job has totally been to hit, always be in position, and not make mistakes....That's it...Goals from him meant nothng...And Hollweg skated exactly like he should have to accomlish his job...Now, if he's given the C spot and/or maybe al little bit more leeway in trying to be a complete player, maybe we can see if he has the "moves" to be that type of player....My bet from watching his strong and fast (but not jet like) skating is that he can...we;ll see..

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