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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Since its not even up for discussing anymore if we are better then the NYI or not, I thought, could we at this point launch two teams that both would kick NYI rears in the NHL?

Here are how my two teams would look;


Straka-Nylander-Jagr//Obviously one of the best lines in the league.
Hossa-Immonen-G. Moore//This 2nd line would be used kind of like our 2nd line where used last season, not in a overly big role, not playing a all that big offensive role. All in all, I don't think these three are a bad fit. They would be streaky scorers, but all three are pretty skilled, pretty good defensivly.
Korpikoski-Helminen-Ortmayer//The first line provides scoring, this line is here to check. Korpedo and Helminen aren't very experienced, but they are really really fast. Ortmayer is the best we have to cover for linemates.
Lessard-Falardeu-Hoffman//A pure grinding line. Would get into allot of problems if they got to play more then 4 minutes per game.



PP UNIT: Straka-Nylander-Jagr-Rachunek-Rozival

NYR I Comments: This would be a really offensive, highscoring team. We saw what the first line could do last season. Both the 2nd and 3rd line would produce forward, their defense would be more questionable. Quite frankly, I think this team wouldn't be lost in a PO fight. They would get on the board 5 on 5, the PP would be great, AND the PK would also be great. I don't think they would have any problems with the NYI!


Prucha-Cullen-Shanahan//Played night in and night out as a top line, I think they would get decent results. Though its not the strongest 1st line in the league. They did combine for almost 100 goals together last season in the NHL.
Dawes-Betts-Ward//Would be a really solid line. All three works really hard. Would play a checkingline type of game.
Jessiman-Dubinsky-Hall//This chckingline would have some hidden talent on it, and allot of size& lbs...
Orr-Hollweg-Weller//A solid tough line. I think they could hack it in the NHL, keeping things simple, and just wear down the other team.




NYR II Commments: I think this team would be a really hardworing, honest side. Lundqvist of course would have to carry them, and as long as Henrik gives his teamsmates time to work on the other team in close games, they would wear them down. If a line like Jessiman-Dubinsky-Hall can nail the puck in the attacking zone there would be allot of room for a Pck/Ozolinsh/Tyutin to pinch in. I think that they would beat the NYI. I wouldn't bet on them in a PO race, I think they are pretty simular to Florida's team, with a better goalie. If Lundqvist would have a tremendous year, and Dubinsky and Jessiman really would step up to the challenge, and the entire team player a really hardworking, disciplined game for the entire season, making the PO's would be a remote remote possibility. The best goalies have played worse teams into PO's in history.
dawes is a sniper not a checking line player. put dawes with dubinsky and hall

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