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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
I didn't give a "portrayal of 1972". All I have pointed out is that the referees were from neutral countries.
And your inferring, suggesting that the Refs' in 72 Moscow were completely objective? Not that it has anything to do with the topic of this thread, but sure, I'll indulge your Soviet Sympathies & Apologist Sentiments just long enough to punch your ticket if you insist eva? Im flat out stating that provenance mattered/matters, Im not saying ALL Ref's are bias, corrupt (99.97% are not), but to deny that it existed/exists and that I agreed with the CAHA policy "back in the day" when I did when I did? No. I dont want an OHA/OHL Ref, a QAHA Ref in a game or series when an Ontario teams playing a team outta PQ for the Memorial Cup. Seems like a perfectly reasonable policy to me, and Europe being as small as it is, same pre-conditions should apply.... and while Im at it, you have an opinion on Frank Udvari's career, or perhaps Clarence Campbells when he was Ref?.

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