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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
And your inferring, suggesting that the Refs' in 72 Moscow were completely objective?
Where did I suggest that?

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Not that it has anything to do with the topic of this thread, but sure, I'll indulge your Soviet Sympathies & Apologist Sentiments just long enough to punch your ticket if you insist eva?
Sympathies for Soviet hockey: yes. Sympathies for anything else related to the Soviet Union or even "Apologist Sentiments"? I'm sorry, but that's nonsense and not a funny accusation at all. You better come up with some examples, otherwise your claim verges on Flaming.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Im flat out stating that provenance mattered/matters, Im not saying ALL Ref's are bias, corrupt, but to deny that it existed/exists and that I agreed with the CAHA policy "back in the day" when I did when I did? No. I dont want an OHA/OHL Ref, a QAHA Ref in a game or series when an Ontario teams playing a team outta PQ for the Memorial Cup. Seems like a perfectly reasonable policy to me, and Europe being as small as it is, same pre-conditions should apply.
Seems perfectly reasonable to me as well and is exactly my point. So what's your issue?

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