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05-14-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I haven't had any free time to really get into debates today, but I'd just like to chime in to express my disapproval at you purposefully shoving words in my mouth.

How is saying "Bob's potential was always very evident, this year shouldn't be surprising and it was easy to tell he had the tools to be good" the same as "he was a lock for a Vezina this year?"
I never said you used those words, I said you insinuated it. You said he had "amazing potential" and would be the "goaltending solution" for this team. I said he showed the potential to be the starting goalie, you said he showed more potential than that. That leads me to believe that you were insinuating that you knew that Bob would have a season like he had this year. Unless you were just saying you thought his "amazing potential" and his potential to be the "goaltending solution" for this team meant that he would be something more than just an average starting goalie, but less than a Vezina caliber goalie, which seems like a strange claim to make when you are talking about how apparent this guy's amazing potential was and how everyone knew how good he would be.


Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
DFF, I stopped reading your post the moment you said Bob didn't show amazing potential. You lost credibility there. Either you completely missed the train, or this is revisionist history on your part.


Bob had one good season where he had essentially no formal goaltending coaching, didn't speak the same language as his Dmen, and had never played in NA. He got by on his athleticism and work ethic alone. That's the best potential you can ask for in a goalie, to throw them into the NHL and have them do well simply on raw talent and a willingness to work at it. It was amazingly obvious at the time


You didn't think Bob showed amazing potential? The speed, lateral movement, athleticism in general? He had skills that you can't teach, yet lacked many of the skills that can be taught but he showed a very good ability to learn and respond to coaching. That's all pretty amazing. It's also pretty rare. How many Bob's have we seen in the NHL? How many undrafted guys with nor formal coaching make their way straight in the NHL and keep themselves afloat on athletic skill alone? It doesn't happen often. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Let me revise that: he had the potential to be our goaltending solution, and I was nowhere close to coming to that conclusion on my own. Lots of people saw that, lots of people said it, lots of people continued to say it for a while. For that reason alone, I don't understand how anybody can claim we're using hindsight, when so many of us have been saying these things all along. A lot of fans, both Flyers fans and non-Flyers fans, considered "starting goaltender" to be his floor, not his ceiling.


Bob's work ethic and well-adjusted attitude gave/gives every reason to believe he will reach his potential. That's what truly made him special and set him apart from the rest of the failed goaltending herd the org has been through.
If that doesn't insinuate that you thought he would be as good as he was this year, I am not sure what does.

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