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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Big names? Maybe. Only because big names are a little harder to get done. Shocked? No, more like mild surprise. Why? Why would I be when JK/JD have already indicated they want add/help on offense and have already indicated that one or more of our 1st's would be in play for the right deal.

These guys are pretty transparent. Despite the finish, it's not hard to look at the team and realize where we could improve. They indicated that they expect some of it to come from inside the room. However, they indicated that is not all they are looking at and they weren't talking about adding a role player.

They weren't satisfied with the results. That is a VERY refreshing change around here from up top. I do not mean this in an insulting way, but your off season reminds me of a Howson off season. These guys don't strike me as content with that. They want no less than being a Cup contender. We aren't there yet and we probably aren't with the players we have, as much as I love Atkinson, Calvert, Dubinsky, AA, Foligno, Johnson, Erixon, Bob, and Tyutin (my main list). That is a great start with a decent core. We have some good complementary players to go along with that, but we'll want to add if we expect to be more than what we were. It's too hard for us to get points right now. Not to mention a lot of our wins were only worth 1 point against the team we beat. Too many OT games. We've learned that if you are going to lose, do it in OT (get points). But now we have to move to the next level. If we are going to win, make they two point games instead of giving the competition a point and wasting all that energy in OT and the SO.

I translate this to things like Chess. You always want your moves to create momentum. Standing still and hoping for the room to improve is a good way to get left behind and regress.
Might. Might be in play for the right deal. They also said they feel they were a lot more goals to be had from multiple players on the roster(Cam, Gaborik, Calvert, Johansen, Dubinsky, Wisnewski + the offense that Murray will bring)

Just because you're not moving backward doesnt techinally mean you're moving backward. They still have a lot of space to grow into being such young team. I would like to think they'll wait until the deadline to make any major moves. Now making a major splash in FA or a minor trade that could end up being a big deal later on might be made. Light a Bobrovsky type trade where at first the league doesnt take notice until a season or two later.

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